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After the rain

· Farm life

Narrawilly and Croobyar farms enjoyed good rainfall (approximately 130mm) from the storms which rolled over eastern NSW in the last week of November 2018.

After the rain, the puddles on the farms' laneways disappeared quickly, and the thirsty ground absorbed all available water within 24 hours.

Now, the tractors are back in the paddocks, collecting, shifting and stacking silage so that it can be transported back to the farms' stores.

Making silage and storing it correctly are critical to a well-functioning dairy farm. Silage is part of our dairy cows' diet. Its quality can impact on the dairy cow's nutrition and, thus, the amount of milk she produces.

If nutrient and milk production statistics are your thing, read this document (available from Dairy Australia website) on Feeding Silage to Dairy Cows.