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Armyworm caterpillars destroy 300 acres of crop

· Armyworm

Autumn has arrived on the farm and, with it, an insatiable invasion of armyworm caterpillars. These voracious pests have devastated nearly 300 acres of sorghum crops planted by Rob and the team after the fires and floods.

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Armyworm, according to cesar Australia, are native pests found in all areas of Australia. (They've been causing major headaches and biosecurity shocks for farmers and local communities in the Northern Territory, Queensland and WA.)

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Arriving on neighbouring farmland just north of Narrawilly Farm in mid-March, it's taken these armyworm caterpillars less than three weeks to eat through that cropland before heading for the sweetest and best part of the sorghum plants growing in Rob's paddocks.

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Armyworm have 3 week life cycles which means we're expecting the next wave of pests to devastate the remaining crops round about now.

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Sorghum (some undamaged plants shown above) had been planted after the floodwaters subsided on Narrawilly's burnt paddocks as fast feed for winter. Now, once more, Rob will have to source and pay for feed from beyond the farm to keep the herds fed, productive and healthy.

2020 is panning out to be one hell of a year. Fires in January. Floods in February. Pandemic in March. Armyworm in April. Anyone know where the reset button is located?

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