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BlazeAid helps out at Narrawilly

· Bushfires

Floods, rain and mud did not deter BlazeAid and its mob of wonderful volunteers spending Monday and Tuesday helping rebuild burnt and damaged fencelines along Narrawilly's south-western edge.

Without solid fences, animals can wander onto roads or have to graze elsewhere on the farm (i.e. those bits that aren't underwater due to flooding or incinerated by bushfire). BlazeAid -- an organisation started by farmers who experienced the devastating effects of Black Saturday first hand -- understands implicitly how important restoring fences is to farmers needing to recover quickly after fires or floods. (Find out more about BlazeAid here.)

Rob is profoundly grateful to BlazeAid (Milton-camp) and its volunteers for putting up just under 1km of fencing along Narrawilly's western edge which borders Princes Highway. Only through the efforts of these magnificent volunteers can our herd once more safely graze paddocks on the south-western side of the farm.

Please support BlazeAid. Donate. Become a volunteer. Spread the word on social media.

Don't have fencing experience? No problem! BlazeAid will teach you how when you volunteer at one of their camps.

The team lending a hand at Narrawilly included volunteers from Japan ("domo arigatou"), Gold Coast ("cheers, mate") as well as Central Coast and the Big Smoke, a.k.a. Sydney ("do I look like an inner-city latte-sipping leftie in mud boots to you?!"). Some of the volunteers even prefer soy milk in their coffee and still were happy to volunteer their time and muscle power on a dairy farm. (See, it can be done, people...)

Thank you to BlazeAid and every Milton-camp volunteer for your selflessness and hard work. You make the world a better place.

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