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Doing it for our farmers

Thank you to our community for your support

· Drought

Milton Ulladulla community is providing amazing support to dairy farmers during this drought. Rob and the entire team at Narrawilly and Croobyar want to say thank you to everyone who takes time to ask how we're doing, or chat about the drought, or offer words of encouragement.

We'd like to say an extra special thank you to Ulladulla High School teachers, students and parents, and the entire staff at Milton IGA for their fantastic efforts to support local farmers.

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We were thrilled to receive a box of goodies, along with a supportive note, from Ulladulla High School. As part of their Doing It For Our Farmers donation drive, our local high school community reached out to Rob and other local farmers to express their appreciation for the role farmers play in the broader community. Thanks Ulladulla High School!

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Our sincerest thanks to IGA Milton for their gesture of support for local dairy farmers. A formal announcement will be made soon by the IGA team. In the meantime, keeping supporting your local dairy farmers by purchasing fresh milk for a fair price at IGA Milton. Thanks IGA Milton!

Updated 10 September 2018: Read South Coast Register's article on IGA Milton's support for local farmers during drought.