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Endangered rainforest update

CVA volunteers come to Narrawilly Farm

· Environment

Narrawilly Farm contains some of Milton Ulladulla's subtropical rainforest. The rainforest stretches from Yatte Yattah, north of Milton, to Lake Burrill, south of Ulladulla.

In October 2018, an amazing team of volunteers spent five days on the farm, alongside Dr David Bain and his OE&H colleagues, planting tree tubestocks and clearing weeds as part of the effort to protect the rainforest. While the volunteers were working and digging and weeding, fencing of the rainforest was being carried out by a team of rural fencing specialists.

The rain forest's diverse canopy layer, according to the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, includes Claoxylon australe, Acmena smithii, Dendrocnide excelsa, several Ficus species, Syzygium australe, Streblus brunonianus, Baloghia inophylla and Toona ciliata.

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The volunteers, including locals, Canberrans, Sydneysiders and others from far west NSW, did amazing work. To thank them for their efforts, Rob cooked for and hosted the group of hungry volunteers for dinner. Rob's rhubarb and apple crumble was a big hit. Some of the volunteers stayed in Narrawilly Cottages, while a couple of others braved the rain showers and camped on the grounds. Three cheers for these hardworking volunteers.