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Every bit counts: revegetation on Croobyar Farm

· Farm life

If you have not watched the Small Farms and Rural Living Network's video series, Every Bit Counts, please do. The video series celebrates the quiet but important efforts of farmers, landholders and community members working together to conserve the natural environment and make the NSW South Coast's small farms work better.

Rob and Croobyar Farm appear in an Every Bit Counts video featuring Julie Holstegge. Julie is a force of nature who has been responsible for helping Rob revegetate Croobyar Farm. She has also been the driving force behind planting more than 60,000 trees in the Milton district. What a formidable effort!

Watch Every Bit Counts #5: Julie Holstegge (Milkwood Farm, Milton) now.

Rob and Croobyar are featured briefly, too, in Every Bit Counts #6 which focuses on the wetland area at Burrill Lake. Revegetation along the creeks on Croobyar Farm is an important link in the chain of efforts to rejuvenate the wetland at Burrill and across small farms south of Croobyar. The wetland video's message uplifts while also raising awareness about the importance of planting trees to support rejuvenating our local wetland.  

Watch Every Bit Counts #6: Wilfold Lane (Burrill Lake) Wetland, Milton now.

All of the videos in the Every Bit Counts series are available to view at the Small Farms Network Youtube channel.

A big thank you to Julie Holstegge and also to Andrew Britten (Small Landholder Engagement Officer, South East Local Land Services) who see the big picture and work to make every bit count for us all.