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Final chance to put dairy industry back on track

· Dairy industry

Australians will vote on Saturday, 18 May 2019, in the federal election.

Located on the South Coast, Narrawilly falls within Gilmore, an electorate described by some media sources as an ultra-marginal seat.

Dairy farming is an important economic contributor in the Gilmore electorate but dairy farmers have already been driven off the land by low milk prices, drought, rising production costs and imported cheap dairy products, like cheese, from New Zealand and the USA.

Rob Miller was interviewed by The Land recently. He has a clear message for candidates seeking to represent the community of Gilmore: this is the last chance to get the South Coast's dairy sector back on track. If the political class continues to choose to ignore the structural challenges of Australia's dairy sector, even more dairy farms will be sold.

Read The Land article where Rob and other dairy farmers talk about the important of the federal election for their industry.