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Forest-bathing, Narrawilly-style

· Rainforest

Winter has arrived on the farm. During a rare morning off from his regular Sunday 3.30am weekend shift, Rob took in a spot of forest-bathing as he walked through the Narrawilly's rainforest which is still recovering from the impacts of drought and bushfires. (Think of it as Shinrin-Yoku, Narrawilly-style.)

Some patches of the rainforest were more negatively impacted than others. Flora has yet to recover in these areas. The scorched, bare ground is a reminder of how intense the fires were on the farm.

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Image 1: Rob stands on a burnt patch of forest at the top of the farm

The good news is that other sections of the farm's rainforest are in robust health as are many of the young trees planted by volunteers under the direction of Dr David Bain. Coming across a very large epiphytic fern, growing high above his head, was one of the highlights of the walk. Birdsong filled the forest, too, suggesting that the avian mobs who make their homes among the trees are also enjoying the mild winter weather.

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Image 2: Epiphytic fern

While we can't share with you here the gentle scents on the breeze of the trees' natural oils or the birds' melodies, here are some images of Rob's Sunday morning's walk through the farm's very special rainforest.

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Image 3: Dappled light in the forest

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Image 4: Young life

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Image 5: Remnants of a forest giant of yesteryear

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Image 6: Standing tall and proud

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