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Merry mob of Milton milkers

· Farm life

Rob and the teams from Narrawilly and Croobyar farms were at Harvest Bar on Wednesday evening for the staff Christmas party, version 2019. Our merry mob of Milton milkers feasted, chatted and wished the morning milking teams good luck with their Thursday's 3.30am start.

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Hamish and Michael realising they're assigned the Thursday morning milking shift while Young David looks on amused.

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Left to right: Ros, Cathy, Rob, Kim and Judy chatting.

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A masterclass in photobombing by Rob's mate, Mark.

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Brad, Rob and a couple of cold beers.

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More food arrives for the hungry mob.

Merry Christmas to all our team members. Rob thanks all of you (and Mark) for making our 2019 Christmas party such fun. Big thanks to the Harvest Bar team for their excellent service, delicious food and perfectly chilled beers. We'll be back.

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