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Udderly festive

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It's been one hell of a year. Rain, mud (lots and lots of mud), Covid, floods, bouts of bad health, laneways washed away, and more bogged quads, utes and tractors than we'd like to remember. Plus there was a wedding thrown into the mix, too.

2022 will be a year not readily forgotten.

All of which served as the perfect excuse for Rob and the farm-team to head off to milk HAUS to celebrate the end of a tough farming year.

Good food. Great company. Big laughs. Udderly festive.

Below are a few photos of Rob and the team at the Christmas / Year-end Party held on Friday, 9 December, at milk HAUS. (Thank you Nat, Kitty and the milk HAUS squad for hosting and feeding us.)

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Image 1: "Say (blue) cheese!" - Steve and Rob model good dental and an azure dress code.


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Image 2: "Just grin, babe" - Rachel and Ben taking one for the team as they find themselves seated at the Boss's Table at the Christmas Party.


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Image 3: Eat, drink and be merry.


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Image 4: "Team talk!"- Emily (standing), Eric, Belinda, Estelle, Ben, Rachel, Beau and Paula (seated).


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Image 5: Jeht, Cathy and a festive-looking fiddle-leaf fig in the background.


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Image 6: "You cannot be serious..." - Ros and Mal in listening mode.


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Image 7: "Good beer-haviour" - Colin (aka Hemi) and Steve eat their greens.


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Image 8: "Strike a pose" - Jodie and Carey-Ann attempt a selfie.


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Image 9: "Tis the season to be jolly" - Carey-Ann, Estelle, Chris and his thumb, and Dave.


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Image 10: Erin and Brad (bogged-quad extractor extraordinaire) mere moments before learning that Santa's sleigh got bogged on the farm.


Although the final photo isn't from the Chrissie Party, it captures a moment too good not to share:


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Image 11: "A cowgirl gets her man" - Jodi marries Beau at the happiest wedding we've ever attended.


All that's left to say is a sincere thank you from Rob and Carey-Ann to every member of the farm team, and to their partners and families, for keeping the farms ticking over and our animals healthy, nourished and safe.

Merry-merry and a happy, healthy 2023 to all.

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