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Sunflower countdown 

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Narrawilly Farm is known for its magnificent sunflowers. We are hoping that our summer 2020 crop will be bigger and better than ever.

After planting the seeds a few weeks ago, we're counting down the days until the return of the sunflowers' lovely faces to our farm.

A big thank you for everyone who, over the past couple of weeks, has telephoned, emailed and stopped us in the village to ask when the sunflowers will be available again. We're happy to tell you that the seeds are in the ground and Mother Nature is taking care of the rest.

We are expecting the sunflowers to be in full flower sometime in late December -- and they should continue to be in full bloom from late December until early Autumn, assuming we have good weather and decent rainfall.

The great news is that you, too, will be able to see the sunflowers that transform our fence line into the loveliest in the district. (The farm's fence line is adjacent to Princes Highway, about 1km north of the historic village of Milton).

Our farm-grown sunflower bunches will also available to buy at our pop-up farm store on weekend mornings during the summer season (weather and availability permitting, of course).

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