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Spring brings colour back to Narrawilly Farm

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What a difference a year and good rain makes!

Colour has returned to Narrawilly Farm and it is a joy to see blossoms on the trees once more, emerald green paddocks where healthy, happy cows munch on thick grass, and plenty of fruits, berries and vegetables ready to harvest.

After three years of severe drought, Spring in all her loveliness has returned to the farm. We hope you enjoy the photographs below of Narrawilly Farm in full colour.

Image 1: Montbeliarde and Holstein cows graze in the northern paddocks

Image 2: Holsteins munch on green grass in the southern paddocks

Image 3: Blossoms and fruit in the citrus orchard

Image 4: Bumper harvest of lemonades

Image 5: Lilli pilli berries hang thick in the trees

Image 6: Sweet and spicy, these spectacularly coloured lilli pilli berries are delicious to eat

Image 7: Kumquats ready to harvest

Image 8: Kumquat jelly made by Robert's mother Miriam

Image 9: Bottlebrush (Callistemon) in crimson splendour

Image 10: After flowering very little during the drought years, the bush of Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow ( Brunfelsia pauciflora) is a vision of loveliness in white, lilac and purple

Image 11: Hello yellow!

Image 12: G'day blossom!

The farm's two- and four-legged residents have thoroughly enjoyed the return of Spring...

Image 13: Sweet dreams, Pumpkin?

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