• Narrawilly & Croobyar farms are not open to the public

    We are one of the largest suppliers of fresh milk in NSW. We operate our for-profit agricultural business according to extremely strict biosecurity, biohazard and OH&S regulations. No-one but my trained employees may interact with our animals. No-one but experienced dairy staff may enter the dairies. We are not open to the public and we do not allow children anywhere near our milking facilities or our animals.


    If members of the public want to interact with cows and calves, visit the Bodalla Dairy Shed, in Bodalla, for an interactive, edutainment experience designed to be family-friendly.

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  • About us

    Rural property established in 1859

    Farmer Rob

    Farming for generations

    Rob is a fifth-generation dairy farmer whose farms are located on the NSW South Coast, where his free-range dairy herds graze across the hills of Milton and Yatte Yattah.

    Dare and Dairy Farmers

    Major supplier

    We supply fresh milk to Bega Cheese's Dairy and Drinks. Our milk is used to produce Dare flavoured milks and Dairy Farmers' fresh milk products.

    Subtropical Rainforest

    Conserving and protecting

    Narrawilly Farm is home to part of Milton's rare subtropical rainforest, and we are proud to be part of a NSW government and Local Landcare program to conserve this precious rainforest.

  • Small batch. Hand-made. Farm craft.

    Hunter & Pumpkin Farm Store

    Handcrafted cow milk soap range

    Made with raw milk from our Montbeliarde herd and botanicals from our farm:

    • Oats, honey and milk soap.
    • Eucalyptus and lavender soap.
    • Orange and cinnamon soap.
    • Rose geranium soap.
    • Lemon myrtle soap.

    Contact us via the web form.

  • Get in touch

    Address: E120A Princes Highway, Milton, 2538, NSW

    Email: narrawilly@bigpond.com

    E120A Princes Highway, Milton, NSW, 2538
    We are not open to the public.
    +61 437 564 148
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