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Ensiling in misty Milton

· Farm life

It's a race against the rain this week as Rob, the team and the contractors tackle the tasks of mowing, raking, chopping, storing and preserving the prodigious amounts of grass growing (and growing) on the farm this summer. The weather forecast suggests a wet end to the week, which means lots of hard yakka and plenty of roundtrips for the trucks transporting choppings from paddocks on the flats to the silage pile located on the hill.

Check out some of the photographs from Day 1 of Ensiling in Misty Milton...

Image 1: Eat (more of) your greens!

Image 2: While a neighbour's beef cattle graze on a green hill, one of the tractors rakes and the other tractor mows. For those keeping score at home: the Massey Ferguson is doing the raking and the John Deere is set up for mowing.

Image 3: Time to bring on the harvester to chop the cut, raked grass into shorter lengths.

Image 4: Quick team chat, then back to work...

Image 5: "Get in the bin!"

Image 6: Meanwhile, David, in another yellow-rimmed tractor (guess which brand Rob prefers) adds the choppings brought in by truck to the above-ground silage pile.

Image 6: David summits the expanding mountain of grass. "Where's the flag, boys?""

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