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Narrawilly in autumn

· Farm life

Narrawilly in autumn is simply glorious. Cooler, softer, lush, and (this year, at least) green.

Below, a selection of photographs taken in recent weeks, including Croobyar Creek in flood in late March 2021 and a feast of persimmons -- or rather, the annual match-up between Farmer Rob and the local birdlife.

Image 1: That view!

Image 2: Croobyar Creek in flood during the March rains

Image 3: After the rains, the farm is muddy underfoot but spared the devastation experienced by farmers and communities in northern NSW

Image 4: One advantage of being a hilly farm: the tourist cottages are kept high and dry

Image 5: Magnificent magnolia

Image 6: Scenes from a persimmon tree

Image 7: "That's my persimmon!" declares Farmer Rob from the top of a step-ladder

Image 8: Overhead, a local observes Robert's attempts at securing a remaining persimmon or six

Image 9: A feast of persimmons for a couple of rainbow lorikeet

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