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Good. Better. Bega.

· Farm life

Narrawilly and Croobyar farms now supply fresh milk every day to Bega Cheese's Dairy and Drinks. Our fresh milk is used in two iconic brands: Dare Iced Coffee and Dairy Farmers Milk

We're proud to be contributing towards these brands because they are Australian-owned and they are committed to good mental health and animal welfare and good environmental practice.

Dare has signed a three-year partnership with the suicide prevention charity, R U OK?, which aims to support mates and loved ones who are doing it tough. 

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Dairy Farmers, now a Bega brand, has its origins in the Illawarra region of the NSW. Through its Farmer Sustainability Initiative, the brand and its suppliers commit to quality milk, animal welfare (health and well-being), the environment, business management, and people and community. 

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We'll drink a Dare Double Espresso to that!