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Narrawilly's fresh milk: the je nais c'est quoi of award-winning cheese

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Narrawilly Cheese was awarded gold in the fresh, unripened cheese class (class 25) at the 2021 Sydney Royal Show's Cheese and Dairy Produce Show. And Narrawilly Farm is the proud milk supplier to the cheesemakers behind the award-winning cheese. 

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We may be biased but we believe that the fresh milk from our magnificent, free-range, pasture-fed Montbeliarde cows is the je nais c'est quoi behind Narrawilly's success. 

According to the competition's judges at the Cheese and Dairy Produce Show:

"The quality of products judged was of a particularly high standard. This high quality was very evident in the judging of the Champions, with only a very small margin separating the gold medal winners in each category. These champions would perform well at any competition anywhere in the world. It is also pleasing to note that most of these products are readily available at the local supermarket throughout Australia."

Great news for local and visiting cheese lovers: Narrawilly Cheese is sold at Milton's local IGA supermaket (84 Princes Highway). IGA Milton's boutique cheese cabinet is a must for any turophile or caseophile.  

Our preferred way of enjoying Narrawilly Cheese is with Mountain Pepper Flatbread (from Braidwood Food Co.) and a glass of Mudgee red.

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Montbeliarde cattle are a wonderful breed. Here's some information about the Montbeliarde breed that we include in our herd: 

  • The breed has been around since the 1700s, and was initially known as Alsatian before a namechange in the 1800s. 
  • In 1889, the breed was formally registered as a French breed by France's Agriculture Ministry.
  • Their milk is well-suited to cheesemaking --  and is used to produce Gruyere and Emmental.
  • They are light red pied  with white faces and short horns.
  • A fully grown cow can weigh in at just under 700kgs.
  • They are intelligent and almost always are the lead cows in our herd.
  • Find out more about the breed here.