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Keeping our heads (& hooves) above water

· Farm life

Big, bad weather has reached the NSW South Coast, and Narrawilly Farm is flooding as rain falls in preposterous amounts. Being a farm on a hill definitely helps -- our animals are well above the flood waters -- yet even this high up, it is impossible to escape the mud.

Dressing for the crappy weather is advisable. When things get muddy, and the cows refuse to walk a laneway, our fantastic team works together to get the job done. (Below) Jodie and Emily brave the mud and the rain to get the herd moving again.

On the other farm, in normal weather, Yackungarrah Creek bubbles away peacefully while aquatic birds swim among the reeds and water lillies of the billabong. But not today, honey. After a few hundred millimetres of rain in 24 hours, the billabong has vanished beneath a raging river that has taken the creek's place. Fingers crossed that the willow tree makes it.


As we ride out the next few days of wild, wet weather, we are fully aware that farmers and community members in south-east Queensland and northern NSW are dealing with far, far wose: horrific, life-threatening flooding is unfolding there. Here is how you can help those impacted by the floods in Queensland and NSW. And to the thousands of volunteers who step up to assist: thank you.

If it's flooded, forget it.


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