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Narrawilly's sunflowers

· Farm life

The farm's sunflowers are in bloom. We are selling freshly-cut sunflower bunches, weather permitting, from our bright yellow cart located near the farm's entrance. The sunflowers are on sale from 8am until noon. 

And 2022's crop of sunflowers is one of the loveliest ever -- and that is saying something given that Rob has been growing sunflowers on the farm since 1993.

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A big thank you to Steve (for his help with giving the cart a makeover) and Mick (for the skillful tractor-work on the edge of the highway at Yatte Yattah where even more sunflower seeds have grown into big, strong plants). 

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An important reminder to those who stop to take photographs of the sunflowers on the farm's fencelines and / or who purchases the sunflowers from the cart: 

  • Respect Farm Biosecurity. 
  • Do Not Trespass.
  • Do Not Enter The Farm Unless You Are Authorised To Do So. 
  • Do Not Walk Through Our Paddocks. 
  • Do Not Climb Over Or Under Our Fences.
  • Do Not Allow Your Dogs To Enter Our Farm Or Urinate In Our Driveway.
  • Do Not Throw Your Litter, Including Disposable Nappies & Used Toilet Paper, Into Our Paddocks.
  • If You Have Covid, Do Not Enter The Farm.
  • Do Not Park In Our Driveway.
  • Please Be Respectful.

Thank you to everyone who purchases our sunflowers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Oh, one more thing: we would really, truly appreciate it if you didn't arrive with buckets and secateurs and garden gloves to cut yourself dozens of sunflowers from our front fence, then load them into your car with a mate. While we might not have seen you stripping our fenceline crop of sunflowers, we can assure you that our neighbours, friends and staff definitely will. And, they photograph you doing so. (Smile for the camera, girls.)

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