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Local heroes

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Don and Sybille Davidson are two of the many local volunteers who've given their time, muscle power and skills to helping Farmer Rob and Dr David Bain, from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment, in their efforts to protect and revive the endangered subtropical rainforest that grows on Narrawilly Farm.

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Image 1: David Bain explains to a group of volunteers that pink corflute planters are used to encourage plant growth [Photo courtesy of Don & Sybille Davidson]

All of the volunteers who've participated in this important project are our heroes.

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Image 2: Rob, David and some of the volunteers [Photo courtesy of Don & Sybille Davidson]

Don and Sybille have graciously allowed us to share some photographs of the work that they and dozens of other volunteers -- from Milton Rural Landcare, Bawley Point Bushcare Group, Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council, Conservations Volunteers Australia, among others -- have undertaken to revive and protect the farm's rainforest in recent months.

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Image 3: Tools of the trade: pink corflute planters, sturdy boots, sun hats, a BBQ and plenty of water [Photo courtesy of Don & Sybille Davidson]

Some of the young plants planted in and around Milton's rainforest "native islands" include overstorey trees (e.g. Black Plum, Native Quince), shrubs (e.g. Orange Thorn, Two-Veined Hickory) as well as understorey grasses, herbs and climbers (e.g. Wombat Vine, Traveller's Joy, Scrambling Lily).

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Image 4: David Bain chats with David Bland (Milton Rural Landcare and seed whisperer) about the young plants that will be planted by hand to revive the farm's rainforest [Photo courtesy of Don & Sybille Davidson]

It is a delight to see thousands of young plants, protected by pink and green planters, added to the farm's rainforest.

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Image 5: Pretty in pink: trees for tomorrow [Photo courtesy of Don & Sybille Davidson]

The project has also enjoyed visits, at various stages in its implementation, from local and state politicians.

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Image 6: Shelley Hancock, Member for South Coast, and Gabrielle Upton, former NSW Environment Minister, chat with journalists and Rob, David Bain and David Bland about the farm's rainforest project [Photo: Don & Sybille Davidson]

A big thank you to Don and Sybille for their photographs and support. And, as always, Rob offers his sincerest thanks to the many volunteers as well as the two Davids.