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Sign of support

· Dairy industry

Keep a look out for signs and banners appearing right now throughout NSW's Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands which state:

"Local dairy farmers thank Woolworths customers for their continued support"

From today, 19 February 2019, Woolworths raises the price of $1-litre milk to $1.10, and promises to pass on that 10 cents to farmers (via their processors).

Rob and many dairy farmers in the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands, in appreciation of Woolworths' and their customers' rejection of $1-milk, are putting up these signs and banners on their farms.


We hope Woolworth's first step is the beginning of the end of the $1-milk regime which dates back to January 2011 when Coles cut the price of milk to $1-litre.

As of Tuesday morning, however, Coles and Aldi are refusing to raise the price of milk sold in their supermarkets. According to media reports, Coles claims it is looking at “a long-term solution that does not disadvantage customers and supports our dairy farmers”.

While Coles keeps talking about how it's looking for a solution but continues to sell discount milk, you can take a look at NSW's declining milk production figures for the second half of 2018.

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Note the double-digit declines for all regions of NSW, particularly in the Southern region which is where Narrawilly is located.