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Together We Can: Rob's story

· Environment

You may already know I care deeply about the impacts of climate change and what our future looks like. It’s why I recently joined a group of powerful storytellers — all of us sharing our unique reasons why we should, and can, work together to demand climate action now. 

I’d really like to share my story with you, too.

Others from across Australia and from all walks of life have shared their stories, too, at

You can view my video below:

I believe it will take all of us raising our voices together to make real climate solutions happen. 

That’s why I’ve chosen to be part of this campaign, where we can all share our own climate stories and influence our decision makers as a united voice.

Please have a look, and share far and wide. 

You can join me in adding your story to the thousands of other Australians who are signing up as well. 

Your story will be delivered to decision makers in government, along with all the others, to show them they’re surrounded by people from all walks of life calling for climate action. It’s a quick, simple, and easy way to contribute to the movement to cut pollution for a safe climate. 

I hope you’ll join in.